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"NuoHuiTe" Tent -- Professional Supplier of Removable Assembly Tents
Acquired JieDu Tent Factory
   Shanghai NuoHuiTe Tent Technology Co., Ltd. has acquired the Jiedu (Shanghai) Tent Factory, specializing in the design & development, production & processing, sales & export, leasing and installation of removable assembly tent buildings. There are 2 design & development engineers for removable assembly tent building and 10 Production staffs.
Prompt Delivery and After-sales guarantee
 The company has high management efficiency, perfect engineering design, orderly production, prompt delivery and fast after-sales service. We guarantee delivery within 3 - 5 days!
Full range and sufficient stock
 The company has 12 series of removable assembly tent,about four main types of tents:  sports events, family banquets, exhibitions, industrial warehousing, All materials and internal & external accessories are completely sufficient.
Product standardization and part generalization
 With advanced equipment, scientific technology, product standardization, parts generalization, raw materials traceability, to meet the needs of social diversification, the products are exported to all over the world.
Application Range
Tent for Sports Event
Tent for Wedding Banquet
Tent for Exhibition
Tent for Industrial Warehousing
Twelve Series
Herringbone Series
European Spire Series
Polygonal Spire Series
Combined Shaped Spire Series
Double  Slope Top Series
Curved Column Series
Spherical Series
Camp Hotel Tent Series
Ethereal Series
Curved Top Series
Two Floor Series
Customized Series
The World is Big, but You Choose Me!

"NuoHuiTe" Tent -- Professional Supplier of Removable Assembly Tents
Design & Development, Manufacturing, Sales & Export
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Office Address
Room 101, No.5, Lane 35,
Songjiang District, Shanghai, China
Production Address
No.168, Guanwu Road, Fengyang, China;
No. 1218, Fucheng Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
No.118,Huatong Road,Changzhou,China.